Example day program racing bike package

The program below serves as the basis of the racing bike package. Depending on the group, the weather and other unforeseen circumstances this program can be adjusted.

General day schedule

The day structure during the racing bike package looks roughly as follows:

  • Wake-up session
  • Extensive breakfast buffet
  • Short or longer race bike ride or free morning
  • Communal lunch in local Spanish restaurant
  • Continue cycling tour or free afternoon
  • Dinner together at Villa Vital

Below we describe the planned racing bike tours, their length and gravity. Think of this as a guideline, so you know what you can expect.

Day 1

  • Day of arrival
  • When arriving early, communal lunch in nearby restaurant
  • When arriving early, free afternoon
  • Dinner at Villa Vital

Day 2

  • To begin with: adjusting / assembling bicycles
  • Morning: bike tour to Betancuria, beautiful route through the central mountain landscape.
    • Character: beautiful views of west coast, quiet mountain roads
    • Length: 50 km
    • Profile: 3 climbs
    • Altimeters: 900 m
  • Lunch in picturesque town of Betancuria
    • After about 33 km
  • Optional: extra ride of 25 km to beautiful bay of Pozo Negro
    • Altimeters: 250 m
fietsrondje Betancuria
fietsrondje Betancuria

Day 3

  • Cycling tour to southwestern hill and mountain landscape
    • Character: first hilly, then some serious climbing, beautiful views!
    • Length: 75 km
    • Profile: 3 climbs
    • Altimeters: 1300 m
  • Lunch in the cozy city Pajara
racefietsen Fuerteventura - zuidwesten
racefietsen Fuerteventura - zuidwesten
rondje Hermosas 3
rondje Hermosas 4

Day 4

  • Wonderful, very diverse trip to the north
    • Character: very quiet roads, partly through a ‘lunar landscape’
    • Length: 90 km
    • Profile: mainly short climbs (but many 🙂
    • Altimeters: 1000 m
  • Lunch in Puertito de los Molinos, in a restaurant at the end of a 9-km dead-end road
racefietsen Fuerteventura - El Time
racefietsen Fuerteventura - El Time
racefietsen Fuerteventura - El Time
racefietsen Fuerteventura - El Time

Day 5

  • Morning: free

    After 2 somewhat longer days it’s time for a lovely morning off.

  • Via a short, quiet bike ride we bike to our lunch spot, and back.
    • Length: 26 km
    • First half: false flat down
    • Way back: false flat up
    • Altimeters: 200 m
  • Lunch in Pozo Negro, situated in a beautiful secluded bay
Pozo Negro
Pozo Negro

Day 6

  • A relatively flat route to the Las Playitas lighthouse, going southeast.
    • Character: hills, remote lighthouse and picturesque town of Las Playitas
    • Length: 70 km
    • Profile: 1 serious climb
    • Altimeters: 950 m
  • Lunch on the boulevard of Las Playitas
    • Very non-touristic
    • You cannot get the fish fresher on your plate than here …
rondje LasPlayitas 1
racefietsen Fuerteventura - Las Playitas
racefietsen Fuerteventura - Las Playitas
GranValle Cofete 5

Day 7

  • We will decide with the group what tour to do ...

Day 8

  • Day of departure 🙁