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Sabine Weites

(non practising) medical doctor & nutrition coach

What is the best eating pattern for you?

The right nutrition rules are essential to get and keep all your body processes and constitution in balance. Each type therefore needs a different diet and eating rules. Everyone consists of a unique combination of the three types with their own preferences and needs. The descriptions can help you make choices and increase your understanding of your preferences and reactions to food. Below is a brief explanation.

Three types of constitution

Within Ayurveda, three types of constitution are described, each of which has its own specific characteristics. I use the symbolic names for convenience;

  • the deer-type (vata-type), the sensitive metabolism
  • the tiger type (pitta type), the strong metabolism
  • the elephant type (kapha type), slow metabolism

As an individual, you have a special distribution of these three types. When these three are in balance, you are healthy, feel fit, have your natural weight and feel good about yourself.

Almost all hybrid types

Every human being has his or her own mix of the three types. As an individual you possess unique characteristics, physical features and talents that indicate a certain distribution of the types. It is rare that you belong to just one constitution type. Often there is a mixed type, in which one type can dominate. If one type clearly dominates the other two, for example if we see a lot of deer-type but only a little tiger-type and elephant-type, then you have a predominantly deer-type constitution.

Another example; if you are as much tiger type (pitta) as elephant type (kapha) and only a little deer type (vata), then you are a tiger-elephant-type (pitta-kapha).

Nutritionally, this means that you benefit from a diet that belongs to your constitution type. In practice this translates into the development of a diet that suits your constitution.

Characteristics of each constitution type

Deer-type (vata)

Vata means wind and is associated with mobility. It is a combination of air and ether. If you are mainly an air type and eat a lot of dry food that contains air such as salad and crackers, this will further unbalance you. Your skin and hair become dry and your joints may crack. Because of its mobility, the deer-type is the one that can quickly get out of balance.


Is thin, sinewy, has less body strength than the others, has to eat regularly, has a weak digestion, aversion to cold, also to cold food and drink, lover of sweet, is perfectionist and nervous in nature, worries quickly, does everything very quickly (can lead to excitement and nervousness), emotional, sensitive, in case of stress quickly anxious and tends to lose weight.

Tiger-type (pitta)

Pitta is the power in your body. This includes the element of fire. If you naturally have a lot of fire, eating too much sharp food such as garlic and tomatoes will bring you out of balance and cause health complaints such as inflammation or heartburn.


Has a normal posture, average body strength and normal endurance, loves sports, has a normal / good digestion, lover of cold food / meat, has an aversion to heat, is ambitious / fanatical, needs challenges, is demanding / critical, businesslike, in case of stress quickly irritable, angry, burned.

Elephant-type (kapha)

Kapha is responsible for building up your body and is more stable than the other two types. This includes the elements water / earth. If water / earth dominates you and you love heavy and solid food such as yoghurt and cheese, your imbalance will increase. Your weight increases and you feel heavy.


Has a firm to heavy posture, gains weight easily, has a slow digestion, has great physical strength and endurance, loves fatty and starchy foods, emotional eater (is a comfort eater), has slow and graceful movements, stays in bed for a long time, is tolerant, cordial and forgiving, is stress resistant.

A healthy diet does not only contain healthy products, but should also fit your specific constitution. Only when you know which constitution you have, can you actually make healthy food choices. Getting to know yourself is therefore a very essential aspect of healthy eating.

Do you also want a personal diet?

Do you doubt which food is right for you? And do you think “Help! What should I eat?” …

In our You, Healthy & Fit” programme you will learn more about your constitution type and which dietary guidelines go with it. You will also get an overview of specific factors that can unbalance each constitution type.

During the first 2 weeks of this programme you will receive:

  • lots of information about healthy food & eating behaviour
  • practical tools
  • tips & step-by-step plans

in order to prepare you optimally for the development of your own eating pattern. In this way you, and only you, have control over your own eating pattern, so that you can eat what you like and what suits you.

In addition, you will receive the corresponding recipe e-book (with almost 100 recipes) in which I also give tips on how to adapt dishes to your constitution type. This is especially relevant for people with sensitive intestines (often the deer type).

You can also keep track of your own progress throughout the programme by means of a handy checklist, eating diary and other assignments. In this way you will not only gain insight into yourself, you will increase your awareness, but you will also be in control of your diet, body, health and life.

In the following 11 weeks you will be given a lot of background information about why. Through this:

  • You’re going to understand your needs even better
  • You can make better choices for yourself
  • Get even more of a grip on your transformation to a healthier & fitter body
  • You can reach your natural body weight

Find out what a personal diet can do for you and sign up for our You, Healthy & Fit” programme today. Bet you won’t want anything else in the future?


* Remarks

  • In order to determine your exact constitution, I advise you to apply for a consultation with a qualified ayurvedic doctor (Vaida). An ayurvedic doctor can objectively judge which personal characteristics apply to you. An ayurvedic consultation also includes a wrist measurement, which makes the determination of your constitution more precise.
  • No rights can be derived from this test.