Symptoms of candida

The signs and symptoms  associated with candida can be very diverse, because the candida and its toxic secretions can affect all parts of your body. For example, they affect your digestive and sexual organs, your hormonal system and your immune system.  The most important signs and symptoms  are:

  • Often bloated abdomen, flatulence, cramps in the stomach of belly, constipation or diarrhoea, spastic bowel.
  • An appetite for sweet products and bread, low blood sugar, eating attacks
  • Vaginal fungal infections, menstrual problems and decreased libido
  • Fatigue, sleep problems
  • Concentration and memory problems, mood swings, headaches
  • Too strong (allergies or intolerances) or too weakly reacting immune system (recurrent (fungal) infections)
  • Weight changes: gain or loss

Attention !

The above signs and symptoms are not specific for a candida. There may also be other underlying causes or together with candida (such as an unstable blood sugar level and sugar hormone, food intolerances and parasites).

Below is an extensive overview of signs and symptoms that can be caused by candida.

Chronic fatigue Bloating Belly Recurrent vaginal fungal infections Muscle weakness Low bloodsugar Food intolerances
Quickly exhausted Flatulance White, crumbly secretion Muscle pain General gravings Auto-immune deseases
Less oomph Abdominal pain / cramps Severe itching Muscle cramp Gravings for sweet Allergies
Increased sleep need Leaky gut Low sex drive (Chronic) joint pain Lack of concentration Eczema
Sleeping problems Diarrhoea and / or obstipation PMS Arthritis Brain fog Itchy and /or running nose
Tired awake Acid reflux Restlessness Memory problems Recurrent infections
Mashlike and/or mucus at the stools Mood swings Itchy / pain ear
Anal itching Depression /  anxiety
Indigestion Headache / migraines
Oral thrush Cold hands / feet
Bad breath and / or dry mouth Menstruation problems
Increased gravings for sweet, bread and alcohol Low sex drive