Causes of candida

Candida yeasts will grow under favourable conditions. Several factors often play a role in this. Often they are multiple causes at the same time. It is always about a disturbed balance in your microbiome (intestinal flora). The “good, healthy” intestinal bacteria are destroyed and the “wrong, unhealthy” intestinal bacteria dominate.

Possible causes of such a disturbed balance (and therefore of candida overgrowth) are:

  • Current Western diet
  • Medication, such as antibiotics, birth control pills (oral contraceptives), anti-pain and anti-inflammatory drugs (corticosteroids), etc.
  • Lack of gastric acid, e.g. due to gastric acid inhibitors (antacids)
  • Stress
  • Digestive problems
  • Nutritional intolerances, e.g. gluten
  • Other unwanted "creatures" in your body/intestines, such as parasites
oorzaken van candida

An important factor causing the candida yeast to grow explosively is when you give it the “right” food. Candida is a living micro-organism (“beast”) that, just like you, needs the correct nutrition to grow. Our current Western diet is full of (hidden) foods that Candida yeast loves.

The second consequence of our current Western diet is that the healthy bacteria in your microbiome decrease in large numbers and the “wrong, unhealthy” bacteria start to grow. This creates an imbalance in your microbiome.

Not only our current Western diet causes this, medication, stress and food intolerances also destroy your good, healthy bacteria.

In all these cases the candida yeast is given space to grow.