Corona measures Spain + Villa Vital Fuerteventura

Date: 9 October 2020

Below we summarise the most important ‘corona measures’ that apply to your visit to Villa Vital and Fuerteventura (part of Spain).
The measures below are based on the information that was known to us on 9 October 2020. We will update this page, if necessary, with the latest regulations, but measures may change on a daily basis, so please consult the national media as well.


Fortunately, the number of infections is decreasing here. It averages 41 across all the Canary Islands (over 7 days and per 100,000 inhabitants). Much lower than in most other European countries.


Officially, the number of infections of less than 50 per 100,000 means there is NO more code orange, but code yellow.

General Corona measures Spain

The following corona measures are in force after the end of the state of emergency in Spain (as of 21 June 2020):

Wearing mouth mask

Wearing mouth masks is only mandatory if the ‘social distance’ of 1.5 m cannot be guaranteed. This applies:

  • in public transport
  • on the plane within Spain and on the way to Spain
  • in the car if the occupants do not live in the same residence (or with which you are on holiday)
  • in most shops & public buildings

Wearing mouth caps or mouth masks is not mandatory:

  • during sports
  • hiking in nature
  • if you go to the beach
  • when you go swimming
  • if you sit on a terrace to eat or drink something
  • if you suffer from asthma, allergies, anxiety, autism or dementia

Social Distance

The Social Distance remains compulsory after the emergency in Spain. It is equal to 1.5 metres as in many other countries.

Personal hygiene

Make sure that you can come into contact with the coronavirus as little as possible. Above all, wash your hands often with soap and if possible disinfect them with disinfecting and alcohol-containing grips. These hand grips can be found in many places in Spain (it is compulsory) and can be used free of charge, such as bars, restaurants, shops, etc. However, it is always wise to bring your own bottle.

Travel + airport

Please note that at the airport in Spain you will undergo a triple health check by the staff of Sanidad Exterior. This check consists of the following 3 checks: Check 1: Fill in the document Check on the compulsory form to be carried by travellers. This is the so-called ‘Public health passenger locator card‘. This is an official document of the World Health Organization WHO and is in principle issued by the airlines before / during the flight. The form can also be downloaded below so that if you want to be prepared you can fill it out partially at home before the trip (we recommend to do this in duplicate, can never hurt). On the ‘Public health passenger locator card’ you have to fill in the following:

  • the air carrier, flight number, seat number
  • date of arrival
  • family name, first name
  • mobile telephone number
  • address in your own country
  • temporary address in Spain. This is:
    • Hotel name: Villa Vital Fuerteventura
    • Number & street: Casillas de Morales 50
    • City: Antigua
    • State / province: Las Palmas
    • Country: Spain
    • ZIP / Postal code: 35638
  • contact details in case of emergency
  • travel companions who are family and who are not family

Check 2: Temperature measurement Upon arrival in Spain, the body temperature of each traveller is measured, either with mobile or special cameras. If this body temperature is not right, the person will be examined on the spot by a doctor. The normal temperature is about 37 degrees but if it is 38 degrees or more there is a fever which can indicate that someone has fallen ill because of the coronavirus.

Check 3: Visual check The third check carried out by Sanidad Exterior health staff is a visual check. We do not know exactly what it consists of. After the check, if you have passed all three tests after your arrival, you will be able to enjoy your stay. If that is not the case and you have a too high body temperature, for example, or if the Sanidad Exterior staff member thinks, during the visual check-up, that a better check-up should be carried out, this will be done on the spot by a doctor. Mouth masks during travel In the terminals of the airport in Spain, mouth masks are always compulsory because the distance is difficult to guarantee, both on the plane and outside, for example in the trunk, the checks etc.

What if you do get infected anyway?

If you suffer from corona symptoms during your stay in Spain, please report to the local health authorities for a test. Avoid contact with others while waiting for the results. If they are positive, always follow the local advice. This may mean that you (together with your travelling companions) will have to go into quarantine and cannot and may not return to your own country immediately.

Corona measures Canary Islands

Obligatory test

From 13 November, all tourists wishing to stay in the Canary Islands are required to show a negative Covid-19 test at the hotel or flat where they are staying. This test must be taken no more than 72 hours in advance.

In the event that tourists arrive without a negative test result, they must immediately have a test taken locally before they can go to their accommodation, be it a hotel, a flat or a holiday home. Travellers must pay for this test themselves.

Smartphone app

Tourist accommodations must inform tourists that it is compulsory to download and install the Spanish corona detector app “Radar-Covid”. This must be in use during their stay in the Canary Islands and also until 15 days after returning home after their stay in the islands.

Corona measures Villa Vital Fuerteventura

In addition to the general measures mentioned above, which apply to the whole of Spain, we are dealing with additional measures as accommodation. The concrete implementation of the most important of these for Villa Vital is as follows:


The common areas will be cleaned on a daily basis. This applies to the breakfast room, veranda, all common areas and in / around the pool. Of course we try to limit the inconvenience as much as possible.

1.5 Meter distance is guaranteed

Villa Vital is a spacious accommodation (1500 m2), with many seats by the pool, in the veranda and in the garden. Keeping sufficient distance from other guests is therefore no problem at all!

Breakfast buffet

Every morning we serve an extensive breakfast buffet. This will be set up in such a way that the 1.5 m distance can be guaranteed. And of course we also ask you as a guest to respect this rule.

Fewer guests

Nevertheless, we have decided to temporarily receive fewer guests at the same time, in order to be able to maintain the above Corona measures optimally. As of 1 July, and until further notice, this means:

  • A maximum of 8 participants to a ‘package’
  • A maximum of 4 B & B guests at the same time
  • When you book as one family / group, a maximum of 8 people is allowed

Free rebooking

In the unlikely event that there is an official ‘negative travel advice’ for Spain in the coming year, you can rebook your already booked package / B&B stay completely free of charge to another date. This new date must be within one year after the original booked date.

Use of mouth mask

The only moment during your stay at Villa Vital that it is compulsory to wear a mouth shield is during the transfers (by car) with one of us or us together. Examples of this are the transfers to and from:

  • the airport
  • the hikes
  • an excursion
  • another mutually agreed destination or activity

Tijdens het eten, relaxen bij het zwembad of in de tuin en tijdens de activiteiten / excursies zelf kun je dus gewoon heerlijk blijven genieten van je verblijf, zoals vele andere afgelopen jaar ook hebben gedaan.


Many travel insurances do not cover any costs if you travel to the ‘orange’ area. Health insurances are always valid!

In order to stimulate tourism the Canary Islands themselves have taken out insurance which is valid for all tourists who do not have a corona on arrival. Read more directly below.


COVID-19 Guarantee by local government Canary Islands

Date: 12 August 2020

The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Trade of the Government of the Canary Islands has signed an agreement with AXA Spain for a travel aid policy applicable to all tourists travelling to the islands, both foreign and domestic, and to respond to incidents related to the Covid-19, including the need to extend the stay through quarantine. The agreement was signed by regional councillor Yaiza Castilla, on behalf of the public company Promotur Turismo de Islas Canarias, of which she is director, and the company AXA Seguros, represented at the event by the director of the Canary Islands, Auxiliadora Expósito, and Enrique Fernández, representing EM7 Gestión de Riesgos and an agent of AXA. The Canary Islands have become the first Spanish region where tourists are covered for travel assistance with guarantees for medical expenses, medical repatriation and prolonged stay as a result of the quarantine associated with the Covid-19, in order to comply with compulsory detention for positive results. All this on condition that it is not known before the trip, as stated in the policy conditions of the insurance company. With the signing of this policy, according to Yaiza Castilla, the Canary Islands are making even more progress in their efforts to strengthen and increase the safety and tranquillity of tourists. Furthermore, Turismo de Canarias and AXA Spain agree that this travel insurance is another attraction of the destination, already distinguished by its health protection, for those people who are currently deciding where to spend their holidays. As a result of this agreement, the AXA insurance company will provide the Government of the Canary Islands with an exclusive telephone hotline to attend any circumstances relating to this policy. The protection for tourists, Spaniards (including islanders) and foreigners through this insurance is effective as of this week and is initially valid for 12 months, with the exception of circumstances known before the start of the trip and under the conditions laid down in the policy.